Creative Contracting BC Log Cabins
Creative Contracting BC Log Cabins

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to contact us?

    By mail: Creative Contracting
    Box 38 Vavenby B.C.
    V0E 3A0

    Phone: 1-250-676-9697 or cell 1-250-674-1085


  • What is “lead time”?

    Lead time is the time required for us to produce the product that you are requesting. Typically 4 to 10 weeks.

  • What do you accept as payment?

    We accept Pay Pal (for credit cards such as visa, mastercard and debit payments), or electronic bank to bank transfers. We will not process an order until we have confirmation of funds released into our bank account of 50% of total amount of order.

  • What degree of completion are your house packages?

    1. Materials supplied for the timber package.
    2. Materials supplied for lock up stage.

    Log Cabin Contruction

  • What is included in the log kit?

    All the logs, with a couple of spare logs incase mistakes are made during construction. All the fasteners required to complete the construction of log package . A construction booklet, and a set of plans to construct the cabin.

  • Do I need permits?

    Depending on the use of the cabin, the size of the cabin, and the zoning of the location of your future log cabin, will determine the use of permits. Consult with your local authorities. If the cabin is deemed a temporary, moveable, or a farm building etc., permits are usually not applicable.

  • What degree of completion is supplied?

    We supply packages only. That could include

    1. log package only
    2. floor package (wood only, not concrete)
    3. roof system
    4. windows and doors

    Note: These packages include materials only, but if requested, we can supply labour at a extra cost. This would be determined with each specific request.
    Log Cabin Contruction

  • What about pricing?

    Due to the volatility of the markets, prices change as well. Contact us for current pricing, and lead times.

  • Do you deliver packages to the job site?

    Yes, depending on size of package,distance of travel, and accessibility of job site will determine the cost of transportation. Contact us for price.

  • Do you set up the cabin packages ?

    We can set up cabin packages,at your request for an extra fee.

  • Can I do my own plans for a cabin?

    Absolutely, We can customize plans for you. We can also have them engineered at an extra cost.

  • Log Cabin Contruction

  • Why is your construction style so easy to work with for the “do it yourselfer”?

    `We have come up with a construction style that is user friendly, simple, sturdy and quick to put together. The main concept of the design is the “continuous mortise and tenon”. For further details, we supply a construction manual with each package that is sold.

  • Why is it important that the log package be erected as soon as possible when arriving at the job site?

    The beauty of wood, is that it is a “live” material. With that being said, it will move if left for a long period of time, therefore allowing it to possibly twist and make construction difficult.
Log Cabin Interior
Log Cabin Interior
Log Cabin Interior
Log Cabin Interior



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